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A novel approach to flood control

Water problem addressed: Too much

Summary: A fundamentally new method of combating floods has been invented



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Mariia Krokis


Year of: 2016

I was born and live in Lviv city, Ukraine.I have three sisters and one brothe...

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The use of silkwork cocoon waste as an alternative sorbent for removal of oil from water

Removal of oil which is spread in the sea by tankers or water treatment plant...

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What can we gain by using grey water?

This project statistically verifies what economic and water savings are possi...

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Purification of drinking water using coconut shell–based activated carbon (PDWCAC)

Purification of drinking water using coconut shell–based activated carbon (PD...

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Removal and Detection of Fluoride by developing a filtration system of Activated Carbon impregnated

There are many water treatment methods to eliminate fluoride but these method...

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The dead water phenomenon

A curious phenomenon occurs when the ice melts. Ships are sometimes retained ...

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Effect of the Baltic Sea Water to the Germination and Growth of Different Type of Plant Seeds.

In this project I used seeds of typical trees from Finnish nature and seeds o...

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How Water Resources Can be Managed and Protected through Public Education – A Case of the Zenu Community in Ghana

Quality of water in Zenu community is deteriorating rapidly. This is because ...

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Microalgae and Slurry, A new Source of Resources

With the aim of finding a profitable system to treat surplus slurry and to ob...

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Investigating wellwater quality by liquid scintillation counting and potentiometric determination

I wanted to find out how much radon is present in well water in Kirkkonummi a...

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