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Dishwashing Detergent: How much is enough? Conserve Water; Reduce Chemical Waste and Save Money.

Water problem addressed: Too little

Summary: Surfactants are known to be harmful to the environment but its usage cannot be totally eliminated. This project determines the minimum effective concentration of surfactants that exhibits required detergency effect, reducing surfactants used. Dishwashing detergent was used as the study model. Dishwashing detergents at critical micelle concentrations (CMC) levels were found to exhibit excellent degreasing effect. Finally, an education card was devised to educate consumers on appropriate amounts of detergent required, thereby conserving water, reducing wastewater and saving money.



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Muhamad Raimi Rosian


Year of: 2016

Muhamad Raimi Bin Roslan, 18, a student currently pursuing a course in Chemic...

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Orion Lee Young Xun


Year of: 2016

Orion Lee Yong Xun, 18, a student currently pursuing a course in Chemical Pro...

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Rasheed Muhammad


Year of: 2016

Rasheed Imran Muhammad s/o Alpathoothu, 18, a student currently pursuing a co...

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Development of inexpensive and novel real-time biomonitoring system using alternative organisms

We aimed to develop a low cost, yet high accurate, automatic bio-monitoring s...

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Effect of the Baltic Sea Water to the Germination and Growth of Different Type of Plant Seeds.

In this project I used seeds of typical trees from Finnish nature and seeds o...

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Purification of drinking water using coconut shell–based activated carbon (PDWCAC)

Purification of drinking water using coconut shell–based activated carbon (PD...

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A novel approach to flood control

A fundamentally new method of combating floods has been invented, deepening r...

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How Water Resources Can be Managed and Protected through Public Education – A Case of the Zenu Community in Ghana

Quality of water in Zenu community is deteriorating rapidly. This is because ...

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”Tanks of Water”- Let’s Play!

Through our project we wish to raise awareness of water footprints. It is an ...

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Phosphate Recovery from Livestock Wastewater Using Iron Oxide Nanotubes (INTs)

Hoengseong County of South Korea, where Korean Minjok Leadership Academy is l...

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Effective Environmentally-friendly Efforts

To increase the effect of environmentally-friendly efforts, a three-step stra...

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The Local Environment’s Impact on the Morphology of Zostera Marina Plants

This study investigated how the morphology of Zostera marina plants differ in...

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