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Effect of the Baltic Sea Water to the Germination and Growth of Different Type of Plant Seeds

Water problem addressed: Too dirty

Summary: Tomato and radish seeds were able to germinate after exposed to the sea water, but salad seeds were not.



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Liina Yliheikkilä


Year of: 2016

I have graduated from Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu in spring 2016. In la...

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Natural innovative water retention Mimicry Bromeliad (Aechmea aculeatosepala)

The natural innovative water retention mimicry of the Bromeliaceae

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Baltic salmon spawning in the rivers of Belarus: what is the reality?

The author of the project made long-term and complex investigations of river ...

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Dishwashing Detergent: How much is enough? Conserve Water; Reduce Chemical Waste and Save Money.

Surfactants are known to be harmful to the environment but its usage cannot b...

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Development of inexpensive and novel real-time biomonitoring system using alternative organisms

The pollution of water by chemical substances can harm humans and affect ecos...

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Effective Environmentally-friendly Efforts

To increase the effect of environmentally-friendly efforts, a three-step stra...

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Harnessing biomimicry for reducing biofouling in irrigation systems by micro-topographic structures

Harnessing biomimicry for reducing biofouling in irrigation systems by micro-...

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The Local Environment’s Impact on the Morphology of Zostera Marina Plants

This study investigated how the morphology of Zostera marina plants differ in...

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Water Demand and Water Conservation Management

Our project is about a water conservation method which can minimize or contro...

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Extremophile Organisms for Improving Water Quality: A Binational Problem

In this project, we studied the polluted water from two important lakes by th...

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