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FLOW: A system that repurposes grey water in the home

Water problem addressed: Too little

Summary: FLOW is intended to repurpose shower or bath water to reuse as toilet water.



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Anna Morris

United Kingdom

Year of: 2016

I am Anna Morris and I am 15 years old. I am interested in English, History, ...

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Jenny Rodgers

United Kingdom

Year of: 2016

I am Jenny Rodgers and I am 16 years old. I am very interested in the Science...

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Microalgae and Slurry, A new Source of Resources

With the aim of finding a profitable system to treat surplus slurry and to ob...

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Test and Popularization of Ultrasonic Algae Removing System in Reservoirs in Foshan

This project was the the development of an environmentally friendly ultrasoni...

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Fogs catchers of Atacama, care and preservation of regional flora and fauna

Fogs catchers of Atacama, care and preservation of regional flora and fauna

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What can we gain by using grey water?

This project statistically verifies what economic and water savings are possi...

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Experimental studies in developing safe sanitation solutions

I used natural additives and varying electric fields to create a cheap, susta...

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Development of inexpensive and novel real-time biomonitoring system using alternative organisms

We aimed to develop a low cost, yet high accurate, automatic bio-monitoring s...

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Phosphate Recovery from Livestock Wastewater Using Iron Oxide Nanotubes (INTs)

Hoengseong County of South Korea, where Korean Minjok Leadership Academy is l...

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Dishwashing Detergent: How much is enough? Conserve Water; Reduce Chemical Waste and Save Money.

Surfactants are known to be harmful to the environment but its usage cannot b...

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Water Demand and Water Conservation Management

Our project is about a water conservation method which can minimize or contro...

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