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How Water Resources Can be Managed and Protected through Public Education – A Case of the Zenu Community in Ghana

Water problem addressed: Too dirty

Summary: Quality of water in Zenu community is deteriorating rapidly. This is because inhabitants defecate and throw waste in the river, which people also use for bathing and drinking. As a result, water-related diseases have tragically become prevalent in the area. Isaac Barnes’ project aimed to educate the members of his local society on how water resources should be managed and protected. He studied the causes of the problems as well as the attitudes of individuals in the community towards those problems. He then produced a play that informed inhabitants on the importance of protecting the water. His project engaged local pupils, who performed it in different places in the area. A positive response from the community members resulted in them taking up a clean-up exercise. Follow-up activities have shown a drastic reduction in littering and defecating on the banks of the river and dam. This proves that drama is a useful medium to reach communities, especially those with low literacy levels.



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Isaac Yaw Barnes


Year of: 2008

To use my knowledge and skills to contribute to the organization’s goals in t...

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