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Investigating wellwater quality by liquid scintillation counting and potentiometric determination

Water problem addressed: Too dirty

Summary: I wanted to find out how much radon is present in well water in Kirkkonummi area (40km west form Helsinki), check the quality (fluoride and pH) and find out whether people know the condition of their drinking water. National limits were exceeded in 30% of radon and 20% of fluoride samples. 20 % had lower pH than the national limit. Voluntary control of well water does not work well enough in practice since well owners are not aware of the potential health risks. Well water quality checks should be made compulsory or the municipalities should provide the well water quality tests for free.



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Riki Oura


Year of: 2014

2014 SJWP finalist from Finland

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A study of bacteriologic status of water reservoirs in Morozovsky district

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