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Midtsjoevann - A sustainable lake?

Water problem addressed: Too dirty

Summary: Midtsjoevann is a lake, a public swimming area, and a nature reserve close to the city Ski. Therefore, we wanted to examine how surrounding farmers’ fields have effected the water quality of Midtsjoevann. We took water samples and analysed them. We were also in contact with a local authority that told us about different initiatives undertaken to ensure the water quality. The results showed us that the water quality changed in relation to the weather and season, and not that much due to the fields. The main reasons were that the topography was very flat and the initiatives from the farmers.



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Torbjørg Venstad


Year of: 2015


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Midtsjoevann - A sustainable lake?

Midtsjoevann is a lake, a public swimming area, and a nature reserve close to...

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