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Reuse of nutrients from artificial fertilizer, with focus on phosphorus

Water problem addressed: Too little

Summary: My project started from a fear of the future and the phosphorus-crisis that our planet is facing. In order to solve this problem, I wanted to determine if it is possible to reuse run-off water, and thus reuse the minerals it contains as fertilizers for plants. The result of my research showed that the plants who was given run-off water, with higher concentration of nutrients, got a greater growth. The conclusion drawn from the results is that run-off water can be reused and used as fertilizers for plants, and therefore hopefully solve the future phosphorus- crisis that is threatning our world.



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Kristian Hansen


Year of: 2017

I am a 18 years old boy, from northern Norway. I am soon finished with high s...

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Baltic salmon spawning in the rivers of Belarus: what is the reality?

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The Local Environment’s Impact on the Morphology of Zostera Marina Plants

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Test and Popularization of Ultrasonic Algae Removing System in Reservoirs in Foshan

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Effect of the Baltic Sea Water to the Germination and Growth of Different Type of Plant Seeds.

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Impact of an oil spill and emergency response on thick-billed Murre Feathers

Impact of an oil spill and emergency response on thick-billed Murre Feathers

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Phosphate Recovery from Livestock Wastewater Using Iron Oxide Nanotubes (INTs)

Hoengseong County of South Korea, where Korean Minjok Leadership Academy is l...

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