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Usage of eggshell to remove iron from water

Water problem addressed: Too dirty

Summary: The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the removal of iron through a filter made out of eggshell



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Florencia Franzoni


Year of: 2016

My name is Florencia Franzoni and I was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1997. I...

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Experimental application of phytore- mediation terraces in water purifica- tion from heavy metal ions

The aim: investigate the suitability of the many-leaved lupine, coriander and...

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FLOW: A system that repurposes grey water in the home

FLOW is intended to repurpose shower or bath water to reuse as toilet water.

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Alternative ballast water treatment for sustainable transportation

In this project, the students propose the use of silver nitrate embedded on a...

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Phosphate Recovery from Livestock Wastewater Using Iron Oxide Nanotubes (INTs)

Hoengseong County of South Korea, where Korean Minjok Leadership Academy is l...

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Development of inexpensive and novel real-time biomonitoring system using alternative organisms

The pollution of water by chemical substances can harm humans and affect ecos...

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Usage of eggshell to remove iron from water

The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the removal of iron throu...

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The dead water phenomenon

A curious phenomenon occurs when the ice melts. Ships are sometimes retained ...

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Extremophile Organisms for Improving Water Quality: A Binational Problem

In this project, we studied the polluted water from two important lakes by th...

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Physical Adsorption of Arsenic

Different samples of underground water from different sectors of the city of ...

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