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Usage of eggshell to remove iron from water

Water problem addressed: Too dirty

Summary: The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the removal of iron through a filter made out of eggshell



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Florencia Franzoni


Year of: 2016

My name is Florencia Franzoni and I was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1997. I...

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Environmental Assessment of River Uvod within Ivanovo City Limits by Bioindication Methods

The water quality in River Uvod was assessed using bioindication methods and ...

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Removal and Detection of Fluoride by developing a filtration system of Activated Carbon impregnated

There are many water treatment methods to eliminate fluoride but these method...

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How Water Resources Can be Managed and Protected through Public Education – A Case of the Zenu Community in Ghana

Quality of water in Zenu community is deteriorating rapidly. This is because ...

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Test and Popularization of Ultrasonic Algae Removing System in Reservoirs in Foshan

This project was the the development of an environmentally friendly ultrasoni...

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Natural innovative water retention Mimicry Bromeliad (Aechmea aculeatosepala)

The natural innovative water retention mimicry of the Bromeliaceae

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Alternative ballast water treatment for sustainable transportation

In this project, the students propose the use of silver nitrate embedded on a...

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”Tanks of Water”- Let’s Play!

Through our project we wish to raise awareness of water footprints. It is an ...

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The dead water phenomenon

A curious phenomenon occurs when the ice melts. Ships are sometimes retained ...

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The use of silkwork cocoon waste as an alternative sorbent for removal of oil from water

Removal of oil which is spread in the sea by tankers or water treatment plant...

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