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Water Demand and Water Conservation Management

Our project is about a water conservation method which can minimize or contro...

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Dishwashing Detergent: How much is enough? Conserve Water; Reduce Chemical Waste and Save Money.

Surfactants are known to be harmful to the environment but its usage cannot b...

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The mass balance of Storglaciären

In this report a comprehensive mass balance experiment was conducted on Storg...

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Baltic salmon spawning in the rivers of Belarus: what is the reality?

The author of the project made long-term and complex investigations of river ...

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How Water Resources Can be Managed and Protected through Public Education – A Case of the Zenu Community in Ghana

Quality of water in Zenu community is deteriorating rapidly. This is because ...

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The surplus of pig manure has become an environmental challenge in Catalonia ...

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A study of bacteriologic status of water reservoirs in Morozovsky district

A study of bacteriologic status of water reservoirs in Morozovsky district

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Water Wastage a Thing of a Past

South Africa has a problem of water scarcity and water wastage is very high i...

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The Local Environment’s Impact on the Morphology of Zostera Marina Plants

This study investigated how the morphology of Zostera marina plants differ in...

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