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A study of bacteriologic status of water reservoirs in Morozovsky district

A study of bacteriologic status of water reservoirs in Morozovsky district

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Removal and Detection of Fluoride by developing a filtration system of Activated Carbon impregnated

There are many water treatment methods to eliminate fluoride but these method...

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Development of inexpensive and novel real-time biomonitoring system using alternative organisms

We aimed to develop a low cost, yet high accurate, automatic bio-monitoring s...

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Novel Renewable Filter for Heavy Metal Removal

Rapid advances in technology in the 21st century have resulted in the recent ...

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Water Demand and Water Conservation Management

Our project is about a water conservation method which can minimize or contro...

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Environmental Assessment of River Uvod within Ivanovo City Limits by Bioindication Methods

The water quality in River Uvod was assessed using bioindication methods and ...

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Effect of the Baltic Sea Water to the Germination and Growth of Different Type of Plant Seeds.

In this project I used seeds of typical trees from Finnish nature and seeds o...

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The mass balance of Storglaciären

In this report a comprehensive mass balance experiment was conducted on Storg...

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Test and popularization of ultrasonic algae removing system in reservoirs in Foshan

This is project was the the development of an environmentally friendly ultras...

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