As part of WaterTank we are launching the SJWP Advisor Programme - connecting SJWP alumni to qualified advisors and mentors that can help turn their projects into realities. Alumni will to be matched with advisors and mentors that have been carefully selected and bring expertise from a variety of areas from within and external to the water sector.

Alumni, remember that your mentor or advisor is NOT: Your parent, your boss, your leader, your close friend, your problemsolver, your project manager, your secretary

Your mentor / advisor IS: Interested in the mentee, a good listener, trustworthy, open and honest about own experience, prestigeless, willing to commit time to mentoring /advising

Are you interested to become a mentor or advisor? Please send in an application of interest here. To request an advisor or mentor, please contact

Meet our Advisors and Mentors

Name: Dr. Fred Boltz

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Economics, ecosystems, climate change, sustainability, resilience

Bio: Dr. Boltz is a Managing Director and member of the leadership team at The Rockefeller Foundation, where he leads the Foundation’s global work related to ecosystems. He has over 25 years of international development experience, including 9 years of field practice in Africa, Asia and South America. For 15 years, he served as part of the technical staff and leadership of Conservation International (CI), serving as lead technical advisor on conservation strategy and practice and as head of international policy. He holds a Ph.D. in ecological economics from the University of Florida and a B.A. in China studies from Duke University. A native English speaker, he is fluent in French and Spanish, and conversant in Portuguese, Malagasy and Mandarin.

Name: Elin Weyler

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Water and food, network management

Bio: Started working at SIWI with the SJWP and was amazed by the power of youth. At same time, was worried that they sometimes were reinventing the wheel. More focus should be on implementation.

Name: Gustav Stenbeck

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Sustainable Investments, Start ups, Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility

Bio: A sustainability advocate, entrepreneur, investor, consultant and speaker. Mr. Stenbeck runs the company group Gain Sustain, an investment house and a mangement consulting firm. Gain Sustain invests time and money into developing ideas, people and innovative companies within the field of sustainable development. Mr. Stenbeck has 15 years experience from management consulting and sustainability executive roles. Before founding Gain Sustain Mr. Stenbeck was the Nordic and Baltic Director of Sustainability & Security for Nordic Choice Hotels.

Name: Fredrik Moberg

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Water, ecology, coral reefs, agriculture, biological diversity, sustainability, communication

Bio: Director of Albaeco, an organisation communicating sustainability science. Researcher and communications advisor at Stockholm Resilience Centre. Jury chairman of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2011-2016. PhD in coral reef ecology/natural resources management, Stockholm University.

Name: Ferah Uslan

Role: Advisor

Expertise: I have been a chemistry teacher for 17 years and, working as school principle for 6 years.

Bio: I was born in Giresun / Turkey in 1977. I graduated from the faculty of education in 1999. I had a master degree in chemistry education. I worked as a chemistry teacher for 12 years. I have been a school administrator for 6 years. I am primarly interested in advising young Turkish students.

Name: Yannick Deleuze

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Research, high performance scientific computing, computational fluid dynamics, coding

Bio: Researcher at the System Modelling and Fluid Mechanics lab at Veolia Research and Innovation. PhD in applied mathematics from both National Taiwan University and University Pierre and Marie Curie. Enjoy using modeling and simulation tools to explore, learn, unveil, simplify, and innovate. Curious about new technologies and digital tools. Worked in academic research in Taiwan for 5 years. Speak French, Spanish, English, and some Mandarin Chinese.

Name: Pascal Boisson

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Innovation, change management, creativity, new digital services, wastewater treatment

Bio: I am an enthusiastic and passionate leader in R&I for cleantech and environmental services. My day-to-day challenges are all about bringing new concepts to life, ranging from idea generation, project set-up and management to deployment of industrial services and solutions for a better planet. Where can we meet? Bringing disruption on the edge of the digital and circular economy. I hope to see you there.

Name: Alexandr Bashkatov

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Ecological functions of valley, water resours, landscape ecology, environment, sustainability

Bio: Graduated from the geographic faculty Saratov State University in 1998. Ph.D. in Geographic Sciences (2003). Working associate Professor at Department of physical geography and landscape ecology. An object of research is ecological function of valley in urban areas.

Name: Rowena Barber

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Coming soon

Bio: PR & community engagement professional who enjoys simplifying the abstract, digital communications, innovation and trend-spotting and helping governments and NGO's to be communications champions.

Name: Fredrik Andersch

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Taking ideas and projects though the process of commercialization

Bio: Experience building and growing businesses locally and regionally. Have lived and worked in different countries and cultures.

Name: Omnia Salem

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Remote sensing, Geomatics, GIS and Surveying engineering

Bio: I'm a civil engineer at the main information center of the Egyptian ministry of water resources and irrigation. I'm one of the specialist at the remote sensing unit. I got my B.Sc in Surveying engineering class of 2013. I'm working on my thesis in Remote sensing and Photogrammetry major

Name: Laura Hernández

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Chemistry Teacher, would like to advis young Spanish spoken students

Bio: Training Ediba (2011)  Expertise: Role teaching in new technologies - different capacities. Bachelor of Science in Education - UNLP (2007) Lic. Integral Education: Multiversidad Edgar Morin. (2010) - Montreal Postgraduate: Specialization in Virtual Learning Environments - OEI in Virtual Environments, (in 2013) In Spanish: Capacitaciones Ediba (2011)  Rol docente en nuevas tecnologías – capacidades diferentes. Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Educación – UNLP (2007) Lic. Educación Integral: Multiversidad Edgar Morin. (2010) – Montreal Postgrado: Especialización en Entornos Virtuales de Aprendizaje – (en curso) – OEI Postítulo en Entornos Virtuales, (en curso 2013) – Min. de Educación de Nación-

Name: Elizabeth Yaari

Role: Advisor

Expertise: Transboundary Water Management, Conflict Resolution, International Relations

Bio: Elizabeth is an experienced regional/transboundary programme manager related to joint water management, environmental peacebuilding, water governance and capacity building programs in conflict and post-conflict environments. Her broad experience includes extensive engagements at multiple levels, with different stakeholder groups, including Governments, local authorities, donors, civil society, community based programmes and academia. 8 years of experience managing transboundary water and shared heritage programmes between Jordan, Palestine and Israel; 2 years of experience with programming in Central Asia. In her current position at SIWI, she is coordinating transboundary activities in the MENA region, Central Asia as well as the Africa EU Water Partnership Programme.

Name: Alejandro Jimenez

Role: Advisor

Expertise: WASH governance

Bio: Alejandro is a water governance specialist at SIWI, with 15 years experience in different aspects of water and sanitation services worldwide.