Read about how the Stockholm Junior Water Prize has influenced the lives of previous participants. Below, news, announcements and insights into the lives of the SJWP alumni and their ongoing projects.

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Latest WaterFront features SJWP and WaterTank alumni 2017 Krtin Nithiyanandam

“I hadn’t realized how diverse a field water-research truly was”. Despite having participated in numerous science fairs, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) remains one of my most memorable experiences. With one clear goal in mind – to identify student innovation within water research – the SJWP enhances a common interest present within each of the finalists and provides an opportunity for students to showcase their water research to an active and interested global community.

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Award-winning invention could change drinking water treatment

You wouldn’t think that the graphite inside a pencil could lead to an invention that detects and removes harmful bacteria from water. But that is exactly what the 2017 Stockholm Junior Water Prize winners have done. Learn how their fast-acting system could change how water is tested and treated.

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Watch the Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2017 Highlights film now!

Couldn't be there or just want to reenact this extraordinary evening? Check out these highlight from the Stockholm Junior Water Prize award ceremony!

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Greetings to 2017 years finalists from the winner of 2015!

My Stockholm Junior Water Prize Experience – A Message to Incoming Students!

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2013 SJWP Finalist Mr Antonis Antoniades is accepted in the UNLEASH Programme

This is what the entire journey of the SJWP is all about, an endless experience whose target is to not only showcase new innovative ideas, but also entice young people into entering the world of science and research.....

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Pontso´s Water Journey, blogpost5

Tears are just fluid, and buildings are just made of bricks....

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Pontso´s Water Journey, blogpost4

On networks and trade between people and organizations... Introduction How do water, a bee and a tomato relate? One can say they all have some amount of water and be correct. Here is a fascinating experience I would like to share regarding networks.

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Nishitas blogpost#2! The Virtue of Confusion.

Confusion is uncomfortable. I hate not knowing the answers. But, when I’m confused, I learn the most and make progress. That’s why I believe it’s important to break out of one’s comfort zone and experience confusion.

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Pontso´s Water journey, blogpost3

On Pragmatism and Decisiveness Still on the hangover from one trip to Israel, on one of my micro-blog posts a comment read: 'You know, there is a Hebrew saying: a Jew will thrive even when you put (them) in a desert...'.

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Blogpost by Nishita Sinha, winner of the US SJWP 2016!

Blog #1: The Global Sanitation Crisis Open defecation. My arch-enemy. The condition that contaminates drinking-water and spreads hundreds of diseases. The ailment that traps 2.4 billion in vicious cycles of poverty. The monster that I’m going to decimate......

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Listen to Pontso´s podcast about his project, SJWP winning project of 2005

This podcast is from 15th March 2017. Yellow Beast (Pty) Ltd, was featured on air on Power FM, a South African radio station. The interview is about the products and services the they offer.

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Pontso ´s water journey - part 2

Recently, I was on a tour of Israel. A high impact organization, En-novate, and a private bank, Investec, made this trip possible by identifying 14 other agriculture entrepreneurs plus myself as the best agriculture entrepreneurs in South Africa for 2017.

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Pontso´s water journey - part 1 (intro)

2005 winner Ponts´o Moletsanes was recently awarded the opportunity to learn about agricultural and water challenges in Israel. After returning from his trip Ponts'o has written a series of blogs reflecting on the lessons he learned. Read on to find out more about Ponts'o and stay tuned for his blogs!

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TED Talk by SJWP Alumni

Deepika Kurup has been determined to solve the global water crisis since she was 14 years old, after she saw kids outside her grandparents' house in India drinking water that looked too dirty even to touch. Her research began in her family kitchen -- and eventually led to a major science prize. Hear how this teenage scientist developed a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to purify water.

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Call for young professionals to help develop the World Water Week in Stockholm

SIWI is seeking 8 committed young water professionals to provide support to the World Water Week’s Scientific Programme Committee. It's an opportunity for young professionals to expand their network & gain valuable experience.

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Perry Alagappan is already a Water hero

Perry Alagappan is the 2015 Stockholm Junior Water prize winner. Perry invented a filter through which toxic heavy metals from electronic waste could be removed from water.

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Ponts’o Moletsane the 2005 SJWP winner is taking his project to practise

Ponts’o from South Africa won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize in 2005 with his project ”Nocturnal Hydro Minimiser”.

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Claire Reed’s winning project in 2003 is now a fully-fledged business!

In 2003, Claire won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for the “Water Wise Reel Gardening” system that helped small scale farmers to be more efficient in their use of water in growing crops.