Pontso´s Water Journey, blogpost4

By Pontso Moletsane
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How do water, a bee and a tomato relate? One can say they all have some amount of water and be correct. Here is a fascinating experience I would like to share regarding networks.



The first time I saw a bumblebee it was in a form of packaging. One kibbutz runs a company called Biobee and farms these and uses them on their organic farm and sells them to farmers who would like to increase their yields using cross-pollination. In the middle of the desert where there is a Moshav, there is a need. The Kibbutz that makes drip pipes under the company Netafim, is also part of the equation:

Text Box:  Illustration 1: Bumblebees in a box...

So, a tomato farmer buys bees from Biobee and manages his water supply using the drip pipes from the pipe maker. Goods and services circulate enough times in the network to make the system sustainable, water is used efficiently and there's always a harvest. This started decades ago and today there are star-ups that have taken the challenge to make new products and services such that the net grows wider.