Pontso´s Water Journey, blogpost5

By Ponts´o Moletsane
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Olives are strange taste. It's this flavour one cannot place a finger on. The first day I spent in Israel started with a tour of Jerusalem. The starting point of the excursion was a visit to the Mount of Olives. A fascinating place, Jerusalem is: being disputed territory, yet the mixture of cultures and traditions is vibrant but subtle. One thing I remember is that the faith systems somehow accommodate one another despite there being a stark difference between Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Armenian communities and belief systems. All four, sharing one city to which each group is bound by faith. Yet, on any other day, each resident gets to follow in the steps of their faith. However, there is one elephant which is which of the residents can actually lay claim to the city. Hence, its status as disputed territory by the UN. Despite this, the city council has managed to have the architecture of the jurisdiction be made of limestone cladding to resemble the old colour scheme of the ancient times.

Text Box:  Illustration 1: Image of a building in Jerusalem showing cladding


For most people of Christian faith going on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem includes a tour of the Mount of Olives, as it is the hill upon which Jesus Christ was said to have wept as he foresaw the demise of Jerusalem in a vision as he overlooked the (now old) city of Jerusalem.